Digital security for high‑profile individuals.

Digital security: who could benefit?

Innophate Security provides quality online security for high-profile individuals. Many Internet users are unaware of the dangers present in the ever-changing digital world. We offer all-round service, from advice to actively providing online security. Innophate Security is an international company with a diverse range of clientele.


For actors

Actors know the paparazzi are everywhere. Make sure you’re safe online, at least.


For artists

Digital security for your own protection: are you aware of the necessity?


For athletes

Are you as undefeatable online? Request a second opinion.


For celebrities

Being the center of attention should be your choice. Criminals surf the web, too.


For management

Confidentiality matters: protect your company secrets online.


For models

Modeling on the Internet? Know the danger of putting personal info online.


For politicians

Some issues aren’t suitable to be shared online. When digital security matters.