Digital security for high‑profile individuals.

What do we do?

Innophate Security provides quality online security for private individuals. Our all-round services offer maximum online security in the rapidly changing digital world. We’d be happy to act as consultants or take on the work ourselves. That includes account maintenance and anonymization. Innophate Security operates internationally and offers the following services:


Personal approach

Hands-on, personal one-on-one education about online dangers and our services. Learn to recognize and adequately deal with security risks.


Setup and installation

Full-scale installation and configuration of maintenance and security software. Full support for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android.


Secure connections

Our guaranteed encrypted Internet connections and secure Wi-Fi mean you always get to enjoy the same level of security, wherever you travel.


Login maintenance

Login option screening and account maintenance. Our user-friendly password maintenance program allows you to encrypt all of your data.


Remain anonymous

Anonymous online service registration through dummy email addresses. We provide email addresses and mail forwarding, so you can safely register for services.


Correspondence reviews

Authentication and verification of incoming email, phone calls and letters. Even convincing cyber-attacks won’t stand a chance.


Second opinions

Review of existing security measures and advice on possible extra services. The best way to become fully aware of gaps in your online security.