Digital security for high‑profile individuals.

Digital security: who could benefit?


Actors know the paparazzi are everywhere. Make sure you’re safe online, at least.


Digital security for your own protection: are you aware of the necessity?


Are you as undefeatable online? Time to get a second opinion.


Be the center of attention - when you choose to be. Criminals are everywhere.


Confidentiality matters: protect your company secrets online.


Modeling on the Internet? Know the danger of putting personal info online.


Some issues aren’t suitable to be shared online. When digital security matters.


Personal approach

Hands-on, personal one-on-one education about online dangers and our services.

Setup and installation

Full-scale installation and configuration of maintenance and security software.

Secure connections

Guaranteed encrypted Internet connections and secure Wi-Fi.

Login maintenance

Login option screening and account maintenance.

Remain anonymous

Anonymous online service registration through dummy email addresses.

Correspondence reviews

Authentication and verification of incoming email, phone calls and letters.

Second opinions

Review of existing security measures and advice on possible extras.